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The Tenth Doctor

Not impossible. Just a bit unlikely.

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Birthdate:Feb 29
The tenth Doctor. The skinny, lanky bloke with the hair and the phone box. Likes to save the universe. Also likes running, bananas, little shops, and to wow people into silence respectively whoops of joy by showing them the wonders of the universe.

Everybody knows him. Or do they?
     A few words on the Doctor's early life on Gallifrey before he was exiled to Earth.
   { THE WAR
     What really happened during the Time War.
     His most loyal companion. A few words on what she means to him.
     Lover, adversary, nemesis, best enemy. The other side of the coin.
     The Doctor and love, that's one thing. The Doctor and romance, that's another.
This Doctor has a human AU version at [personal profile] dreamtofbeing.
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